SaathSangath: An Online Yogesh Samsi Workshop Series

Vocal Accompaniment

Segment 2

11th & 12th December, 2021


Enroll now and come be a part of the second segment of the first of it's kind Saathsangath (Accompaniment) Workshop delving into the etiquettes of aesthetically rich accompaniment. The forthcoming workshop by Pandit Yogesh Samsi encapsulates all nuances required to engage in meaningful and expressive dialogue with a Vocalist. Further in the series we look forward to covering the subjects of Accompanying Instrumental and Dance.

This Vocal Accompaniment Workshop is open not just to Tabla Players looking to deepen their knowledge of SaathSanagath or for Vocalists interested in understanding how to engage with their accompanist better but also to anyone curious to attend as an Observer.

The Workshop will be held over 4 sessions of 2 hours each followed by a Question and Answers after each session. The sessions will be held from 08:30 pm IST to 10:30 pm IST on the following days:

Saturday, 27th November 2021 - COMPLETE,
Sunday, 28th November 2021 - COMPLETE,
Saturday, 11th December 2021,
Sunday, 12th December 2021.


In order for Saathsangath to become an organic part of your expression as a musician, one must be comfortable with various different Thekas and must comfortably be able to manoeuvre within its structure. A deep understanding of the Theka's sonic structure and how it can be embellished bringing out your own individuality through Bol Upaj (Improvisation) at the same time keeping the sanctity of its deep-rooted tradition. A sangathkar of today must engage meaningfully in various settings such as Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khayal, Thumri and Dadra.