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A unique tabla artist who has simultaneously scaled unprecedented heights of achievement in solo performance, accompaniment, and pedagogy. 

As a soloist, Yogesh balances both tradition and innovation in the Punjab Gharana. His performances showcase mastery over a vast range of traditional content, more recently unearthing and sharing rare repertoire that was lost during partition. At the same time, he brings fresh perspective to the canon by presenting new ideas that capture the philosophy and rhythmic thought processes of his Guru, Ustad Allah Rakha. 


As an accompanist, Yogesh has provided sensitive and thoughtful tabla accompaniment for many leading vocalists and instrumentalists. His approach has been instilled by the close grooming under his father and stalwart vocalist, Pandit Dinkar Kaikini.


Yogesh's commitment to the future of tabla and his inherited tradition is most evident in his extensive efforts as a Guru to a new generation of accomplished tabla professionals. His pedagogical approach aims to nurture creative independent thinkers who will propagate and evolve the Gharana. 

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